The Communications and Advocacy Department (CAD) is responsible for overseeing the flow of information within and outside the Ministry stakeholders in an endeavor to enhance service delivery. CAD thus endeavors to work untiringly towards improving communication with its diverse spectrum of stakeholders including providing the latest digital communication channels to ensure open access to dialogue that can help in achieving the Ministry’s objectives. These, in turn, will help to improve customer satisfaction levels and to raise the quality of the services delivered.


The following are the functions for the Communications and Advocacy Department:

  • Coordinate, consolidate and strengthen overall communication in the Ministry;
  • Brand building and management;
  • Stakeholder relations management including scheduling and managing of media interviews, briefs and press conferences;
  • Implement advocacy and outreach initiatives including public awareness campaigns exhibitions, roadshows, conferences, events;
  • Formulate and implement the Ministry Stakeholder Communication Strategy;
  • Assess the quality of Ministry Departments’ interface with stakeholders/clients against their expectations and proffer recommendations for improvement;
  • Initiate and maintain online presence for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development through the use of website, social media platforms, blogs and other emerging technologies and platforms; and
  • Monitor local and foreign information and communication platforms and draft a report for Executive briefing to the Ministry’s principals.
  • Draft, review and disseminate the client service charter
  • Initiate design, production/procurement of promotional materials


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