LEAVING NO one and no place BEHIND

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development is entrusted with the stewardship of national resources, their mobilization, allocation, management and accounting for economic growth and development through the provision of sound macro-economic policies.

Our departments


The accountant Generals Office initiates, formulates and coordinates the implementation of policies regarding the management of public funds and provide guidance in the interpretation of government Policy decision on the control of Public funds. The Directorate has four sections namely, Consolidated Accounts and Policy, Government Accounting Services, Aid Accounting, Funds and Parastatals, Public Finance Management Unit (PFMS)

Expenditure management

The Expenditure Management directorate is responsible for the formulation, management of the National Budget as well as monitoring & evaluation of the Government programs & projects. The Directorate consists of three sections namely, Recurrent Expenditure, Infrastructure Development & Fiscal Decentralisation Department, Programmes & projects Monitoring Department


ZADMO’s mandate is to ensure that government’s financing needs and its payment obligations are met at the lowest possible cost in the medium to long term, with a prudent level of risk, and to promote the development of domestic debt markets. ZADMO consists of three sections namely, Debt Resource  Mobilisation, Debt Policy, Strategy, Analysis, Monitoring, Compliance and Risk Management,  Debt  Recording, Settlement.


The Directorate is responsible for formulating and implementing economic policies for sustainable economic growth and development.  The Directorate consists of two sections namely, Economic  Policy  Formulation and  Implementation, Economic Planning  and Modelling

Support services Departments

The Ministry also has some key units which fall under the Secretary and consists of  Gender Mainstreaming Inclusivity and wellness, Strategic Policy Planning Monitoring and Evaluation


The Directorate is responsible for the overall oversight of the banking, insurance and pensions, securities sector, mobilisation of external grants and technical resources through negotiation and conclusion of grants with bilateral and multilateral development partners to finance development programmes as well as review, research and formulate tax measures to support formulation of the National Budget. The Directorate consists of three sections namely, Revenue  and Tax  Policy, International Cooperation, Financial Sector Policy

Communications and advocacy

The Communications and Advocacy Department (CAD) is responsible for overseeing the flow of information within and outside the Ministry stakeholders in an endeavor to enhance service delivery. The Directorate has two sections namely the Communications and Advocacy and the Communications, Multimedia and Content Unit.

LEGAL services

The main function of the Directorate is to provide sound legal advice and counsel to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The Directorate has  two sections namely, legal advice and litigation. 


The main function of the Directorate is to monitor the financial administration and procedures of the Ministry to ensure conformity to set procedures and standards. The Directorate Consist of two sections namely, Audit  Assurance and  Advisory  Service, Governance, Risk and Compliance

Support services Departments

Other additional nits under the Secretary includes  Internal Audit , Human Resources, Procurement Management Unit, Finance and Administration, Information Technology Departments

Heads of Directorates

Mr. Andrew N. Bvumbe

Head:  Zimbabwe Public Debt Management Office

Mrs. Varaidzo Zifudzi

Chief Director: Legal Services


Mr. Clive Mphambela

Chief Director:  Communications and Advocacy

Ms. Chipo Mhini

Chief Director:  International Cooperation Tax and Financial Sector Policy

Mr. Fidelis Ngorora

Chief Director:  Economic Affairs

Mr. Edwin.M. Zvandasara

Acting Accountant General


Mr. Masimba Mudzungayiri

Acting Chief Director : Central Internal Audit