The Departments in the Ministry

1)Accountant General;

2)Debt Management Office;

3)Fiscal Policy and Advisory Services;

4)Expenditure Department;

5)Revenue Department;

6)Domestic and International Finance;

7)Finance, Administration and Human Resources;

8)Implementation and Control of Expenditure Unit;

9)National Economic Conduct Inspectorate;

10)Zimbabwe Statistical Agency;

11)Internal Audit; and

12)Legal Services.

Structure of the Ministry

  • The Ministry of Finance is headed by the Minister of Finance, whilst the second in command and administrative head and Accounting Officer is the Permanent Secretary. The Permanent Secretary is assisted by four Principal Directors who head the following Departments:

Principal Director


Accountant General

  • Government Accounting Services
  • Consolidated Accounts and Policy
  • Aid Accounting, Funds and Parastatals



  • Expenditure
  • Public Sector Investment Programme


Finance and Taxation

  • Domestic and International Finance
  • Revenue and Tax Policy


Debt Management Office

  • Resource Mobilisation
  • Debt and Risk Management
  • Settlements and Disbursements

  2.The following Departments report directly to the Secretary:

a)Internal Audit

b)Fiscal Policy and Advisory Services

c)Finance, Administration and Human Resources

d)Implementation and Control of Expenditure Unit

e)Legal Services

f)National Economic Conduct Inspectorate

g)Central Statistical Office

3.A copy of the detailed organogram of the Ministry is attached for information and reference.

Ministry Financials


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