Vision and Mission


1.To be the centre of excellence in macro-economic policy formulation, coordination and stewardship of public resources to achieve sustainable socio-economic growth and development.


2.To formulate and coordinate sound macroeconomic policies, effectively mobilise, allocate, manage and account for public resources.

Core Values

  • Transparency;
  • Professionalism;
  • Integrity;
  • Equity;
  • Efficiency.

Overall Functions of the Ministry

  • To manage the Consolidated Revenue Fund, the National Development Fund and the public debt portfolio;
  • Formulate and administer the National Accounting Policy;
  • Formulate and administer the National Budget;
  • Design and implement up to date and effective systems of internal check and control;
  • Mobilise financial resources to finance Government Programmes;
  • Facilitate and participate in the negotiations related to domestic and international mobilisation of resources;
  • Collect revenue due to Government, in particular through the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA);
  • Analyse the performance of public enterprises and advise on matters of financial policy;
  • Carry out macro-economic reviews and recommend policies that promote macro-economic stability necessary for sustainable economic growth and development;
  • Give policy guidelines to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe;
  • Administer the National Economic Conduct Inspectorate;
  • Administer the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency.

Ministry Financials


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