To monitor the financial administration and procedures of the Ministry to ensure that proper accounting and bookkeeping transactions and procedures practiced.


  • Supervise and co-ordinate the internal audit activity throughout Government;
  • Providing leadership in the annual planning process for internal audit;
  • Formulating and disseminating internal audit regulations, internal audit standards, policies, guidelines and audit methodology;
  • Provide appropriate training and arrange for continuous professional development for internal auditors;
  • Provide quality assurance and improvement programs;
  • Enhance compliance with public finance management laws, regulations, policies and procedures;
  • Review the report on continuous professional development programmes for internal auditors and recommend seminars to be attended; and
  • Perform ad-hoc investigation assignments in Government entities
  • Provide assurance on governance across central government (MDAs);
  • Carryout oversight over Risk Management in Ministries, Departments and Agencies;
  • Provide assurance on the compliance function across all government institutions;
  • Oversight over the disposal of and remediation of audit recommendations;
  • Maintain a database of potential Audit Committee members;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of Audit Committees;
  • Co-ordinate capacity building of Audit Committees; and
  • Provide assurance on the effectiveness of implementation of long-term Government projects.


Training of Government Auditors