he Administrative and Support Services Unit comprises 7 Departments that support the effective and efficient operations of the Ministry  Directorates and report directly to the Secretary. Provides support services to directorates, external clients and MDAs.


  • Preparation of the Ministry Budget and Budget execution;
  • Processing payments and receipting;
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports;
  • Transport Management and logistics; Asset Management and Stores Management.
  • Coordination of Finance and Administration issues for Parastatals under the Ministry.
  • Recruitment, selection, placement and induction;
  • Performance management,
  • Salaries administration;
  • Staff welfare
  • Training and Development
  • Records and Information Management
  • Library and Information Service
  • Oversee the development, implementation, maintenance and review of Information Communication Technology (ICT) policy and systems in the Ministry;
  • Develop an ICT strategy to oversee the identification of ICT user-needs in the Ministry;


  • Spearhead the design, implementation and maintenance of Disaster Recovery plans and policies, thereby formulating of Business Continuity Plan through Documentation of Networks, Severs and Databases systems
  • Monitoring the financial administration and procedures of the Ministry or reporting unit concerned;
  • Assessing the cost-effectiveness of any projects undertaken by the Ministry or reporting unit concerned; and
  • Performing any other function that may be assigned to him or her by the accounting officer of the Ministry or reporting unit concerned.
  • Preparation of the procurement Plan for the Ministry;
  • Management of procurement processes;
  • Management of Procurement contracts
  • Coordinate the formulation, implementation and evaluation of gender mainstreaming, inclusivity and wellness policies, strategies and programmes in the Ministry in consultation with Heads of Departments and make recommendations to the Permanent Secretary.
  • Advocate for the implementation and institutionalization of gender, inclusivity and wellness policies, strategies and programmes and ensure communication and advocacy to all Members within the Ministry.

Spearheading the preparation, review and alignment of the strategic purpose of the Ministry with national development and Vision 2030 as well as Devolution;

·       Monitor the implementation of the Ministry’s Strategic plan by various departments, develop monitoring tools and evaluate support that is required;

·       Provide high quality expert advice to the Secretary to make strategic thinking and optimize strategic planning process for the Ministry;

·       Oversee the conduct of reviews to identify strengths and weaknesses and evaluate operations effectiveness within the Ministry; and

·       Coordinate international activities related to planning and policy development.