To ensure that government’s financing needs and its payment obligations are met at the lowest possible cost in the medium to long term, with a prudent level of risk, and to promote the development of domestic debt markets

Departments Under the Directorate

The Front Office (FO) is responsible for mobilisation of resources (both external and domestic), which include contracting loans, on-lending, issuing guarantees, treasury bills, bonds, other government securities and other operations related to debt contraction.

The Middle Office is responsible for all the analytical, reporting and risk management functions of debt management. It also monitors compliance of Public Debt Management Office and public entities’ performance on the chosen strategy and risk as well as cost limits.

The Back Office is responsible for recording all Government borrowings which include loans, guarantees and on-lending to local authorities and public entities as well as debt servicing.


Arrears Clearance, Debt Relief and Restructuring Strategy

Key Documents