The 2019 Budget Thrust is macro-fiscal stabilisation and laying a solid foundation for attaining the triple 'S' growth - strong, sustainable and shared. 

  • Total Revenue of $606.8 million: -
    • Tax Revenue $597.2 million; and
    • Non-Tax Revenue $9.6 million.
  • Total Expenditure and Net Lending $521.3 million;
  • Another budget surplus of $85.5 million was realised in February 2019
  • Inflationary pressures receded in February, with month-on-month inflation at 1.7% down from 10.8% recorded in January and annual inflation standing at 59.4% compared to 56.9%, recorded in January;
  • Most parts of the country only received below average rainfall;
  • Livestock remain under threat from diseases that have affected some provinces resulting in significant cattle herd losses; and
  • Grain stocks at the GMB declined to 0.96 million tons from 1.1 million tons in January.

To download the full February 2019, Monthly Economic Update, CLICK HERE